Remember to give your clients the gift of K.I.S.S.

Give visitors easy access to the layout, content, and menu on your website. Try not to make your clients and visitors think too much. While a snazzy, clever and flashy website is cool, if your visitor can’t find what they’re looking for easily, you’ve lost them. For example, don’t simply put an image of a house for “Home.” Some people will ‘get it,’ others may take a while. Use both the image and word if you are really set on using that cool image. For menu items, stick with common terms:

  • Home
  • About (or About Us)
  • Services (or Products)
  • News (or Blog)
  • Contact (or Contact Us)

Bonus Tip: Make the buttons orange on your page for the most important action. Statistically, it’s the most clicked on color!