Fonts. Colors. Images. Words.

Everything communicates when it comes to your website, your marketing, and your brand.

FONT /fänt/
A set of type of one particular face and size.

The font you use sets the tone of your business.

  • Sans serif fonts (like Helvetica and Gill Sans) evoke a more modern organization
  • Serif  fonts (like Times and Garamond) evoke more traditional feelings by readers
  • Display fonts are great for headlines, page titles, and sub-headlines and can immediately set a formal or whimsical tone
  • Handwriting fonts should be used sparingly and for headlines, page titles, and sub-headlines as well.

There are hundreds and thousands of classic and modern fonts to allow you to stand out and create a unique ‘voice’ for all your communications.

Stay tuned for another three tips on how “Everything Communicates.”