Time management, setting priorities, parenting

Is time your friend?

Time it can be a project manager’s worst enemy or best friend. I’ve found that how I prioritize my time has a huge impact on what I can accomplish in a day.

Before learning to set priorities, I was always be one  step or email behind or busy with tasks that weren’t important. I would start my day working on numerous tasks with no set agenda, just trying to get everything done in the the hours available. This method did not work well at all.

My turning point was having a child and seeing the instant impact when her needs were not met, when she wasn’t understood, or deadlines weren’t met. Trying to juggle all that, while completing tasks became very daunting, especially as a single mom at the time.

FINALLY- I realized that when I take care of priority projects first, there is more time to adapt to the needs of the moment. You may be wondering what children have to do with project management, but trust me, they are the same. Children and projects both need schedules, inputs (food or content), clear communication and love. The only way to accomplish what is important is to set priorities, make schedules and adapt to the moment (because we all know that life doesn’t always go as planned.)

My advice is to take care of priorities first, prepare for what needs to be done next, and accept everything that comes your way. Then your life and projects will flow more easily.