Morning motivation is key to your productivity.

Did you know that the attitude we start the morning with has a huge affect on our day? While researching the topic of productivity, many different sources emphasized the importance of morning motivation and how to start your day productively.

The key tips include:

  • Prioritize your day
  • Keep positive thoughts
  • Give yourself time to accomplish tasks

Creating positive experiences in the morning reduces stress and increases productivity. When I complete my morning rituals and work through my checklist, then my days go much smoother. These rituals help me stay on top of my job and caring for my child, as a work at home mother. They help me to start my day productively and with gratitude. My ritual begins with brushing my teeth, doing yoga or meditation and then writing in my journal.

I always set out tasks the night before. It’s important to have a “plan” for your day and to prioritize your work. When you have an idea of what needs to be done, it can be accomplished faster and with less stress. While managing projects at Blue Zoo and raising my four year old daughter, it is important for me to plan my time. But having plans don’t necessarily mean that each step is determined. I also rely heavily on flow. How are things going, what needs to be changed and where will those changes occur? I do all this with a positive mindset, thanks to my morning motivation.

Remember to rise and shine!