You can miss up to 98% of your fans by not using a photo with your post. People love visual content. Photos are the most engaging content to post on any social media site. Posts with pictures will bring  you 5 to 20 times more interaction than any other type of post on Facebook. Your photo will help create more views, likes, shares and virality. This is the power of visuals.

Do you want to post a link?

If you post a link, make sure to add a photo separately, instead of simply having a preview picture with the link at the bottom.

Do you want to post text?

You can use a meme,  a fun e-card, or even create your own image. Start with typing your content into PowerPoint, take a screenshot, then paste the image into an image editor like Paint, crop it and save that as an image. This image is what you would use to post on Facebook or other social media site.

Get your audience engaged; add pictures to all your social media posts starting today.