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Everything communicates when it comes to your website, your marketing and your brand.

the quality of an object with respect to light reflected by the object, usually determined visually by hue, saturation and brightness of the light.

The color you choose for your branding can speak volumes with a simple glance. There are psychological responses associated with different colors that should be considered as you develop your branding messages, products and services.

An example is that most law firms and insurance agencies stick to dark blues. Why? Blues evoke loyalty and trust.

In the food industry, red has been one of the dominant colors as it is stimulating, exciting, and evokes passion. Do I want a Wendy’s burger? HECK YEAH! I’m all excited about it and I don’t know why!!?!??

Color Palette from PhotoshopHere is a quick overview, but be sure to check several sources for additional concepts, information, and cultural impact.

    Authority, power, and boldness. However, depending on associated colors, using black can appear evil, represent death, or darkness in general.
    Purity, innocence. White is the reflection of all light (where black is the absorption of all waves of light). Sterile can be another feeling for the use of white and is often difficult to keep clean.
  • RED
    Passion, love, excitement. Valentines Day, Christmas, and even lips carry an red emotion. The flip side is anger, danger, and even blood.
  • BLUE
    Trustworthy, loyal, and expansive. Blue is everywhere around us on our planet from the sky to the sea. Care must be taken to ensure that you don’t evoke a cold feeling (unless you’re selling freezers or ice). Pale blue might make the color weak and evoke uncertainty.
    Like blue, green is all around us in nature. It’s calming, refreshing, and fertile. A darker version of green evokes wealth, being conservative and even masculine.
    One of the best colors for energy, vitality, optimism and concentration. However, if overused, it can be overpowering and overwhelming.
    Give people a sense of royalty, luxury, and sophistication. It can also be seen as feminine, romantic and spiritual depending on the hue. Since it occurs so rarely in nature, care must be taken not to overuse and appear artificial
    Stable, reliable and genuine. The color brown is anchored in the Earth beneath our feet. Depending on the shade and hue, this color can reflect older times and be a little depressing. Think sepia tone photos and Instagram images.
Remember, the color spectrum is huge and meaning varies by culture and country. Be aware of these local influences as you build your color communications.