Fonts. Colors. Images. Words.

Everything communicates when it comes to your website, your marketing, and your brand.

Image Examples for Food, Iconic, and PeopleIMAGES

When it comes to images on your website, or in your marketing in general, you need to take time to explore and think about all the elements you’ve pulled together already with your fonts and colors.

These questions could be:

  • Is my image formal or relaxed?
  • Do I need to communicate emotions?
  • What is my customer MOST interested in seeing (vs what you THINK they want)?
  • What style of imagery and how do the images look together?
  • Does the image reinforce the message or detract?

If you own a restaurant, you may want to show how delicious your food appears. But if your main draw is the environment (staff, ambiance AND food), you’ll want to show images of all these things.

A business focused on more conceptual ideas may need to use other kinds of imagery such as puzzle pieces, gears, chess pieces, or something more iconic.

An example is a website we designed for a law firm wanting to convey a message of hope and assistance to people struggling. A visitor looking for help immediately can relate to the visual element and the law firm shows rapport. The image communicates understanding of their feelings. Additionally, each image has a balance of dark and light as a subliminal message of hope.

Lastly, make sure your imagery is consistent. Otherwise, people feel like things were cobbled together.

NOTE: Do NOT just grab images off the internet to use. You must purchase photos and images through credible sources. Two notable ones are and

NEXT UP: Words (And I’m sure you’re wondering why a Graphic Design guy is going to talk about words, but you’ll see in a few weeks.)