Good copy is the key to your content marketing success. Better copy

Here is how to create better copy.

You probably know that you need good content to attract more visitors to your website, but did you know that your content needs to target both your customers and the search spiders.

 Brian Clark of Copyblogger – “a good copywriter needs to have a flair for writing content that’s inviting to share and to link to. She needs to have top-notch skills to optimize the page, so search engines know what it’s about and who might want to read it. And she needs to know how to write copy that converts readers to buyers.”

Search is the most popular and most universal activity we do online.

The key to content marketing success is to write copy that matches what people are searching for. Visitors from search are the most motivated people to visit your site. Make sure to create copy that first brings them to you and then provides quality information about what you offer and how it solves their problems.

Effective copywriting also tells Google what words are the most relevant to people searching for what you’re offering.

Research tools can help reveal what keywords are important to your industry or niche. Then use these “keywords” in your copy. But remember to write your copy for people, not spiders. If you put too many keywords in your copy, you may be penalized for “stuffing” by Google.

The key is to have copy that is useful to both readers and spiders.

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