A manager must wear many “hats” when it comes to interaction with team mates.

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One of your key roles is to motivate your team to produce their best work. Your management style can help or hurt a person or team’s attitude. In my life I have worked with a variety of mangers from authoritative to laid back. To me, the most successful managers are dedicated, flexible in style, responsive to needs and allow people to be heard.

Successful managers understand what each individual needs. It is important to learn their unique needs in order to develop a strategy that will work well for their personality. Some people need lots of information and direction. Others want encouragement, belonging or a simple goal. Some employees like asking questions, giving advice and being involved. Others just want to do their work and call it a day. Can you be aware and flexible enough to manage them differently?

Another key role is to keep everyone on task and moving toward goals that serve the company’s purpose. Different management styles can tap into each person’s unique gifts. Having a forum where teams can express themselves is a great way to brainstorm, learn about different personalities and set company priorities.

A good manager brings out the strengths in each person.