Fonts. Colors. Images. Words.

Everything communicates when it comes to your website, your marketing and your brand.

word: A single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others (or sometimes alone) to form a sentence.

Now, you’re probably thinking, what the heck is a graphic design guy talking about words for. That’s the copywriter’s job, dude!

Ahhh! But here’s where everything comes together. You see, after we consider the fonts, colors and images, the copy must be used to instruct the viewer/vistor into some sort of action. By placing emphasis on certain words a designer can direct your eye to where he/she wants you to take the action.


The line above is one of the most obvious of all web elements. You see it bold, large, colored, and underlined. Must be a link! You may have even noticed the link before reading down to it .There are programs available to get creative without being too bogged down by the technology.

Important StarburstWARNING: One thing to avoid is using ridiculous ever changing colors just because you’re trying to make something stand out. It’s distracting and a lot like using a starburst. If something is that important, rewrite your copy and lead with that bit of information.

Lastly, a simple but effective technique when working with words is to find the most important key words and emphasize them in some way: Width. Size. Boldness. Color. The design says ‘This is important to the overall message I’m reading.” The website graphic seen below has a series of slides creating a message. The photography, font and color all support the words.

Word and Type Treatment Example

Einstein Think Different Apple MacintoshAlternatively, you can isolate a word or words to draw attention. Apple’s “Think Different” campaign used white text on a field of black next to an iconic ‘thinker’ in magazine ads and posters.

Make words interesting for your reader. Take them on adventure. Lead them to action.

Thanks for reading my design series here at Blue Zoo Creative online.

Oh, and one last thing…

Word. Just, word.