Design is rapidly moving beyond the computer to a host of mobile devices.

Design for mobile

Advancements in the capabilities of mobile devices, e-readers and tablets are making it necessary for designers to learn the many evolving platforms that customers use to get information about a product or service. If you are designing a book, you will definitely need an e-book version, and a website is prudent too. The fact that someone browsing in a bookstore can see a book, Google it and land on your website could make or break the sale of that book. Already, the print-based-format for books has evolved to multiple electronic and online forms.

The same principle should be applied to any other service or product we are designing. Because we know that the internet is readily available at a consumer’s fingertips, we can begin to think about where, what size and how a customer might view a website.

As web designers, we must plan and design for the abundance of mobile devices beyond the computer.