Leveraging promotions on social networks can increase fan engagement, sales, and publicity.


There are many different types of promotions, but I’m going to discuss my 4 favorite ones: sweepstakes, deals/offers, contests, and multi-social network promos.

Sweepstakes provide the chance for one lucky fan to win a prize. On the other hand, deals and offers let everyone win by providing coupon codes. These types of promotions can be used to increase your email newsletter list or even your amount Facebook likes.

A large fan base increases the likelihood of people buying your product. In order to win the prize or receive a coupon code fans must sign up for your email list. You may ask users to share the promotion with a friend or on their personal Facebook page. You can even make them like your page. Using a like “gate” builds a fan base which helps sell your products.

Contests can be in the form of video, essay, or even a tagline. This type of promotion offers engagement with your Facebook page. Fans vote for winners on your page. In addition, applicants are motivated to share the contest with friends in order to get more votes.

Multi-social network promos build a presence in two social networks. They can be in the form of a sweepstake or contest. For example, require fans to pin an image on Pinterest of your product to be in the drawing for a prize. Or, you can ask fans to upload an image to Instagram with a caption containing a specific hashtag. You then ask fans to vote on your Facebook page for the best image uploaded to Instagram or pinned to Pinterest.

Try out one of these techniques and let us know how it worked for you.

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