According to Veronica Parker, MTF, at Sure Haven Treatment Center, 30-50% of the general population have a shy, introverted personality. I can relate. At one point in my life, I suffered from anxiety when it came to socializing at school, work, and even recreational activities. Social Networking

I remember when I first found AOL instant messaging. It was great! I could talk to people for hours in the comfort of my own home without any anxiety. Then came Facebook. I could chat with people and I could get to know them through their profiles. Through Facebook I realized how I was missing out on many fun things that my age group was doing.

I decided it was time to shake the shyness.

I could feel an exuberant person inside me wanting to burst out. So, I made a change in my life.  I exposed myself to new experiences that helped me learn more about what I enjoyed. I began meditating. I researched inspiring people. And I found a group of friends that supported me.

Social networks not only helped me socialize when I felt too shy, but also helped me realize that I could be the extrovert I always saw in myself. Shyness can be overcome. Let social networks motivate you to go out in the world and try new things, not restrict you to an online social life.

Follow people who inspire you. Learn from others in your network. You can do what you decide to do.


Editor’s note: Our Social Media Maven, Dianne, currently is in the process of launching her own company which will involve speaking and performing in front of large crowds. If she can go from shy to center stage, so can you!