I read an article on Inc.com stating that 23 year old may not be mature enough to run your social media. They tend to be focused on discovering who they are and what to do with their life. The article was using this point to show why you should not hire a 23 year old. I wondered why anyone would ever stop evolving and learning about themselves. Growth as a person is a life long journey, not something that comes to a halt.

Social Media

Here are my reasons why you should hire a 22 year old for social media.

This growth is a good reason to hire a young person to do your social media. I would argue that our self-exploration makes us eager to learn about a company; it’s values, mission and goals. We want to help it evolve along with ourselves. And we know how to do this through social media.

My generation was born into social media.

We have been cultured to communicate through phones, texts, tablets and the realm of social media. Thus, we have learned how to express ourselves through social media, and we’re ready to do the same for your business.

New graduates exit college with a fresh mind, eager heart and new knowledge that an older person may lack. Communication, analytics, English, and problem solving skills are all acquired through course work in college. This knowledge is fresh in our minds and we want to use it for your benefit.

So, why should you hire a 22 year old for social media?

Easy; we are the social media generation. We are ready to grow and evolve with your business. We have the competency to represent your brand professionally and to handle situations that arise on social media due to our immersion in social. And we have fresh, new ideas and knowledge.

Take a risk and dare to grow with our social generation. 

Quit Monkeying Around. Get Social with the Zoo today!