Do you fear your creative blocks?Creative Block

Everyone has been there! It’s the dreaded point when the juices aren’t flowing, your brain seems to have the consistency of jello, and you’re just stuck. We all have different ways of dealing with a creativity block. I’ve compiled the best ways to triumph and regain your creative drive–without getting totally distracted in the process as some of us creatives have been known to do!

Here are my top three ways to beat creative block:

  1. Write down all of your ideas–good and bad! Writing in itself is a creative process. Even when you don’t think you have any good ideas, it can be productive to flush out the ideas you think are bad to get down to the good stuff! Free association writing can be calming by allowing your mind and pen to wander and clear away the stressful feeling of needing to come up with something brilliant instantly.
  2. Relax and/or meditate! Meditation can be a powerful tool to clear the mind of clutter and stress. Focusing on the flow of your breath, in and out, can help settle your mind and body. Sometimes it’s hard to realize how tense you are until you take a moment to relax entirely.
  3. Take a walk or spend some time outside. This can help in a number of ways: getting you away from your desk for a minute, moving around and becoming more energized, and simply being outside can boost creativity and make your senses more alert.

Hopefully these tips will help you beat creative block the next time you are feeling stuck and need to get the creative juices flowing again!

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