Recently, Collin gave a talk at BNI on social media strategy.Sldeshare presentation on Creating a Social Media Strategy

Many people share, “talk”, post and comment on social media sites. Posting is good, listening is better, and selling is best. If you want to sell more, then you need a plan.

Creating a social media strategy that sells is the key to reaching and motivating your audience. Social media is one of the best venues for attracting and engaging a targeted audience that wants what you have to offer.

Here are the highlights from Collin’s talk on social media strategy:

  • Listen to your audience.
  • What is your audience wanting?
  • What are your goals for this social campaign?
  • Create your strategy.
  • Best tools and technology to use.
  • Measure and adjust as necessary.

To learn how to do each of these steps, listen to Collin’s Slideshare presentation on creating a social media strategy that sells. For more tips on how to set up a social strategy for Facebook, read these 4 Easy Steps by Social Media Examiner.

Quit Monkeying Around. When You Want Social that Sells, Join the Zoo!