Illuminated by Eric Huber to stoke your dreams

Stoke Your Dreams!

Are you tired of failing?

If you’ve chosen the path of being an entrepreneur, then there is something within you burning to get out. You have talents and skills within you that are sparking and glowing like coals in a fire. But maybe things just haven’t worked out. Or maybe you’ve let others dowse the flames in your core? Are you ready to stoke your dreams and brighten the world?

Let’s Take Your Dreams and Passions From Hobbyist to Pro Level.

No one wants to be on their deathbed and see the ghosts of their ideas, dreams, abilities, talents and gifts left unused, never having acted on them. Motivational speaker Les Brown said, “They’ll be looking at you with large angry eyes saying ‘We came to you and only YOU could have given us life. And now? Now we must die with you forever.’”

If you died today, can you say that you even tried? Failing is nothing to fear. I’ve failed over and over again. History says that Edison tried 10,000 time to create a lightbulb before he succeeded. What if he had stopped after the first ten or even 100 failures? Would we still be working by gaslight? He also stated that he had never failed,  he simply found many ways not to create a lightbulb.

[tweetherder]“Failure redirects our path towards success.”
~ Eric Huber [/tweetherder]

Three Steps to Stoke Your Dreams.

No matter if your dream is to have a cupcake shop or a multinational corporation, it has been proven that success isn’t determined by intellect, age, education, financial status or even social situation. That being said, there are things within each of us that can hinder our path. To overcome these, it takes practice to stoke your dreams.

  1. Beat Your Biggest Enemy: Yourself. The way you think will determine your success. Henry Ford said, “Whether you believe something can or cannot be done, you’re right.” Make a daily practice of paying attention to your thoughts about your dreams. Whenever the mind shifts to something negative, remember ONE positive thing, and then a SECOND, THIRD and FOURTH. It can be an old success, a small victory, or that you feel healthy. Your psychology will eventually shift to possibilities rather than limitations.
  2. Put Your Stake In the Ground and Claim It. This simple act of announcing your goals with others and stating what it is you want to accomplish, whether you’ve achieved your vision or not, sets a tone that helps shape your path. Others will then continue to ask about your progress, offer help and even share your news with people they know. You may still have competition, just as settlers of the old west had challenges to their land claims. But friendly competition can lead to alliances and growth unimagined. Just talk to your neighbor.
  3. Take Action. Take Action. Take Action. Did I mention you should take action? You have a dream. Turn that into a goal. Take three steps EVERY DAY to reach that goal. In one year’s time, that’s 1,095 steps you will have taken to accomplish your goal — to reach your dream! “I don’t know what steps to take,” you may say. The funny thing is, you do. ONE: Read #2 above. One step down! TWO: ASK someone about what steps you should take. HEY! I’ve given you two steps already. WIN!

Remember, “Do or do not. There is no ‘try.’” ~ Yoda.

Following your dream can be a hobby, expensive or simply recreational. You can entertain people with your guitar playing. You may have an amazing collection of models, comics or angels. In today’s world, you can go much farther by simply connecting and sharing with others of like mind.

For those of you ready to go pro, to shift from paying to being paid for what you love, I challenge you to bring your dream to life.

Want a THIRD Action step? Share your dream with me. I can’t wait to hear what amazing dreams you are ready to bring into the world.

Quit Monkeying Around! Stoke Your Dreams. Join the Zoo.