What if I told you that your business could save big money by making a small investment now?Content Management System

The time required would be minimal and the savings could be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. What if I told you that it begins with your website?

If you have a static website with no content management system (CMS) driving it, you are likely paying a webmaster or another specialist to update your site content. Perhaps you are not updating your content at all. Both of these are problematic, but particularly the latter.

If you don’t update your site regularly, there is a huge opportunity cost.

Frequently updated and relevant content is the key way to produce SEO traction, get more traffic and drive more business through your online presence. If you don’t regularly update your content, there is a large potential revenue you are leaving on the table. Businesses that add quality content are seen as industry leaders and more likely to win new customers.

If you are paying someone to update your content for you it can be quite costly. According to Bridgeline Digital, the average time spent on updating your website per employee looks like this:

  • 10 percent for business contributors
  • 10 percent for content authors
  • 15-20 percent for online marketing staff and designers

If you have one person in each role making an average salary of $50k, that means spending $17,500 per year on updates. This is a simplified example and your numbers may be different, but you can see how the expenses can mount.

With the above (rather conservative) estimate, you could be saving thousands in the first year. To get some idea how your organization might benefit financially (not to mention in efficiency and process), try using this CMS ROI calculator developed by Hannon Hill.

Switching over to a CMS like WordPress, would allow your employees with no technical expertise to update the site. You can reduce the hours that were previously required for the more technical aspects of updating your site. Employees will still write the content, but adding it to the site becomes easy and less costly.

Getting started with a WordPress site is just as easy! Give Blue Zoo a call or fill out our Get Started form and we can have you up and running with a new site within weeks.

Here are more resources to learn about saving money with a CMS.

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