Tortoise Beats Hare: Bugs Bunny Cartoon

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Flashy and fast doesn’t always win.

I’m astounded on a daily basis by how we rush out to try each new idea for doing business, while we rarely use the tried and true methods that are available free to all. Also astounding is how we hop and sprint from one random action to another, instead of taking lessons from one of the most timeless fables, The Tortoise and The Hare.

I just picked up a copy the other day to see if the hare finally outwits the tortoise, and guess what? He doesn’t! Not even the best hare in history, Bugs Bunny, could outwit the tortoise, Cecil Turtle (though, to be fair, Cecil was clever and had help…as we are and do as well.)

Your steady actions can beat the flashy players.

While there is some benefit to being first to market, having vast resources and other competitive advantages by birth, experience or opportunity, there is nothing better than steady, focused movement toward your goals.

While many of us run around trying the next book, the next tip or the next video that promises to deliver a ‘new truth,’ ‘get rich quick plan’ or ‘biggest secret from millionaires,’ the smart competition (that seems to keep moving further and further ahead) is practicing the lesson form the tortoise and hare fable.

The business lesson is when you develop a pattern and habit of steady forward momentum that focuses on your vision and your client’s needs, you can’t lose.

[tweetherder]Slow and steady progress wins the race,”
~Aesop [/tweetherder]

Follow these easy three steps to win the race.

  1. Pick Your “Finish Line.”
    This should be a business goal (or vision) coupled with a client need. For Blue Zoo, our goal is to be the first choice for online presence management and to build a global team of innovative professionals.
  2. Take 3 steps daily towards reaching your goal.
These steps can be easy or hard depending on your ‘Finish Line.’ For Blue Zoo, we talk to our clients, meet new people, match services to market needs, and provide high value as per our vision.
  3. Check each day to see if you are still on course.
    Did you speak to anyone?
    Did you ask questions?
    Did you create something to help your clients?

These steps can be easy and difficult at the same time. Your ‘Finish Line’ will change from time to time as well. For example, when we started Blue Zoo, our goal was simply to help businesses get online.

Today, most businesses are online already. What they need is help hacking through the jungle of online avenues for advertising, marketing and client outreach. The bottom line for business is reaching the people that need and want your service. Our vision changed from simply helping businesses GET online, to providing complete online presence management.

Remember, don’t lay down to nap or taunt your competition. Instead, keep plodding along and you’ll find yourself at the finish line. Here is a short story version of “The Tortoise and the Hare” in case you want some inspiration for your journey!

What three steps will you take today?

Quit Monkeying Around! Join the Zoo.