Count Basie could really swing, couldn’t he? He was a true innovator who pushed swing and jazz music forward. Grab a cup of joe and swing with the count on this jammin’ music video One O’Clock Jump.

Now your install of WordPress 3.7 can swing a little, too.

Swing with WordPress 3.7 Basie

No music included, but it does offer more freedom to move and sleep easy!

This new version, named after the Count himself, offers automatic updates for security and maintenance. 

For those of you who maintain a WordPress site, this will come as very welcome news. WordPress is updated fairly regularly, with at least a couple of major updates per year, and one or two smaller maintenance updates.

Updating the software was never difficult, but it takes time and requires keeping up with all the updates. The penalty for not keeping up is the possibility of being hacked. Most releases contain security fixes as well as user improvements. Making sure those updates are installed on your site can go a long way toward keeping you and your customers safe.

Now WordPress can grab those updates while you sleep. Or catch up on your must-watch TV. That should provide some relief and allow you to sleep easy.

Other than automatic updates, here are the key upgrades for WordPress 3.7.

  • Better security by encouraging stronger passwords. It checks for common password problems, educates and encourages using better and stronger passwords.
  • More relevant search results. This is a major improvement. Past WordPress search has not been very good.
  • Better global support with local language packs to install the right language files for your audience.

The auto-update feature alone makes this version worth the price of admission, which is free, other than your time.

Are you ready to swing? Then get groovin’ with WordPress 3.7!

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