How to Succeed with a Dynamic Customer Cycle

How to Succeed with a Dynamic Customer Cycle

How do you create a dynamic customer cycle?iStock_000012038079XSmall

In other words, what is the process and experience that a person will have by working with your company? How will you find them? What problems are you solving? How are you helping them? What value are you giving?

There really are no fixed answers or processes. If you want to stay relevant, you must continually monitor your company and market. Then, adjust your marketing to engage and serve your customers. That is the essence of a dynamic, relevant customer cycle.

You want to create a process to define and track the customer experience.

Then, keep evolving as your company and customers do. Otherwise, you risk obsolescence like Kodak and other companies that didn’t keep up with their customer’s evolving needs and wants. In the constantly changing world of the internet and social media, this dynamic flow is needed more than ever.

Social media is a great medium to discover more about your customers and market. Set up processes to ask questions, listen and engage your customers. A smart company listens and responds to the dynamic needs of their customers. Brian Solis of Altimeter Group speaks about 5 Pillars to help create a social media/ marketing strategy to engage the customer.

Here is my version of the 5 Pillars to succeed:

  1. Learn about your customers by listening, searching, asking questions and putting yourself in their place. Discover what your customers and target market really want and need. What are their top problems? Can you solve them?
  2. Review and update your mission, values and goals. This should be done routinely to make sure that you are on track with your stated mission and values. And if not, decide if your mission needs updating or you simply got off track.
  3. Define your brand and what you want to stand for and present to the customer.  Define the customer experience and how your marketing will help the customer.
  4. Create an integrated marketing strategy. Start with social media to help you reach and engage your customers. Then make sure to integrate with your broader mission and goals, including how you will find, engage and provide value to your customers.
  5. Nurture and grow your community. How will you engage your customer? What will you give them? What value are you offering to them? This is an opportunity to go beyond engagement, selling or even serving. This is a chance to create something meaningful with your customers. Then they will have a reason to belong, stay and become your community.

If you do all these steps, then you MIGHT create something special that leads to success and meaningful contribution. If you want to be a leader, then you need to create a process that serves and engages your customers.

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