Blue Zoo Creative Relaunching as Creative Agency

Blue Zoo Creative Relaunching as Creative Agency


NWA agency’s The Pride provides unique, effective staffing approach

November 4, 2016 FAYETTEVILLE

A Northwest Arkansas company is utilizing a unique staffing approach to relaunch as a full-service creative agency for all forms of visual communication.

Blue Zoo Creative, based in Fayetteville, Ark., is cultivating a team of self-employed creative experts in a myriad of fields to drastically enhance their ability to meet clients’ growing needs.

“We are relaunching as a creative agency pulling the best, brightest, most talented and passionate professionals in our region and nation to creatively solve client branding and marketing problems,” said Eric Huber, co-founder and chief creative officer.

Founded in 2008 by Huber and Collin Condray, Blue Zoo has been viewed by most people as simply a website and digital graphic design company. Many people didn’t realize that they also did design for print projects as well, Huber explained. Huber has more than 28 years of experience in print design.

The new creative agency approach will include various forms of visual communication such as print and graphic design, blogging and other forms of content creation, website development and design, social media, video production, illustration, branding, and search engine optimization.

Blue Zoo’s approach to staffing is relatively unique in that they have created a community of independent contract experts to staff client projects. Blue Zoo’s freelance community is called The Pride and it is managed by Megan Tucker, chief culture officer. The team, which includes professionals from throughout Northwest Arkansas and a few other parts of the country, meets virtually every week and the local members often meet in person. Pride members also maintain contact in a private online group.

“This is a way to help each other professionally and personally,” Tucker said. “It’s also a way to connect with like-minded individuals.”

While most creative agencies hire staff members who manage all types of projects in a given skill area—such as one or two graphic designers doing all the graphic design work no matter the topic or style—the freelance community approach allows Blue Zoo to assign projects that fit the individual’s specialty and passions, she explained.

“They are all skilled in different ways,” Tucker said. “It’s a very diverse group.”

Tucker and Huber agree that this approach, which they started shaping last year, has already proved successful. The independent contractors are more satisfied with their work because they are pursuing their passions and utilizing their best skills. This in turn is becoming apparent in higher quality work for clients.

About Blue Zoo Creative

Blue Zoo is a full-service creative agency that builds brands, empowers businesses, and transforms the lives of our clients and their customers. From the delightful to the weird and from the informative to the entertaining, we create digital and print experiences that help businesses of all sizes thrive.

Blue Zoo has a proven ability to marry effective marketing strategies with bleeding-edge technology. Measuring, monitoring, and modifying across multiple channels are all part of visual communication. While it’s important to know your current market, it is also important to have a vision of where and how you want to grow. Blue Zoo’s primary goal is to help brands shape and realize that vision.

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