Content Blog #1: Why Content?

Content Blog #1: Why Content?

What are your business goals this year?

Have you reflected on how you would like to expand or improve?

What more could you do to bring your vision to life?

We’ll give you a hint—high quality content on your website will help you do all of these things.

As a full-service creative agency, our goal is to tap into what makes you unique and use that to help you build a successful brand. Punchy logos, beautiful design, functional sitemaps, and memorable business cards are certainly important parts of a successful brand, but so is great content.

When we take on new clients, we conduct a series of progressive meetings to determine how to best meet the client’s needs. In the second of these meetings, one of the questions we try to answer is “What do you want people to know”—we seek to use content to answer that question. It may seem simple, but it’s so vital for the success of your website, and your whole business.

We think great content shows your audience 3 important things about your business:

1) It shows that you are valuable in your field.

When you post original blog content that is well-researched, thoughtful, or cutting-edge in your field, you show your audience or potential clients that you are involved in your field. You have something unique to say. We’ll talk more soon about different types of content that can help you accomplish this on your website.

2) It shows that you are relevant to your community.

Great content—from the “About Us” page of your website to a how-to post on your blog—helps you connect with your business’ or organization’s audience. Consumers—especially millennials—want a message and a brand they can get behind and feel good about supporting. One of the best and easiest ways to accomplish this is by publishing personable content about your business. Using content to display the heart and uniqueness of your company can help you win loyal customers in a way that thousands of ads never could.

3) It shows that you are dependable and hard-working.

Consistent content over time shows your audience that you are dependable and that you really care about your field. When potential clients visit your website, if you have a list of content they can browse, they have immediate access to a tool that can help them get to know the feel, style, substance, and aim of your business. They see that you aren’t messing around and that you’re here to stay.

In our creative process, we’ll match your project with a content writer whose style and interests match your project. This way, maximum passion and quality is invested in your site. If you want to write your own content, we can also match you with editorial experts who can revise and refine your words to best reflect your business’ professionalism and quality standard.

We think content is invaluable for businesses and websites, so we’re going to camp out on this topic for a while. Join us for our next post in our series, What is “content”? Where does it go on a website? How much of it do you need? The answers to these questions may surprise you!