Book Design for Steven Kraghmann

One of our oldest clients made the shift from a desk job to that of an inspired, traveling and exploring creativity soul. While always a world traveler, his love for photography, and his inspired vision, led him to build a website and branding with Blue Zoo Creative several years ago.

His latest endeavor was a photography and prose/poetry book published through Balboa Press, but designed by Blue Zoo Creative. The book is designed in two sections that take the reader through a journey. The first part of the book uses images that take up only the left side of the book. The second part expands the imagery just as the reader expands into their awakening. Steven explains it best…

“My passions are to inspire and to awaken people to their joy and full potential through my photography, writing and mentoring,” says author Steven Kraghmann. “With this book I want to self-empower people and help them to become more aware and connect to their inner wisdom, present moment, possibilities and the beauty of life.”

Already receiving praise, this testimonial from best-selling author, Lauren E. Sullivan, author of Give Wings to Your Dreams:

“Steven’s inspired images and words transport you into present moment awareness as seen through the lens of his camera and the eye of his awakened soul. This beautiful book is an awe-inspiring companion for the spiritual seeker.”

“A new book is already in the works,” Steven told us, “I’ll be contacting Blue Zoo again soon.”

awakening is available on