Project Team

Account Exec: Tracey Young
Creative Director: Eric Huber
Web Design: Jeromy Price
Content: Josephine Hardy 
and Eric Huber
Editor: Jamie Smith
Scarlett Isbell
Technology: Collin Condray

Northwest Arkansas digital printing company, moxy ox, was ready to take their services to the next level. Long being known for the superior quality of work and brand, moxy ox was ready to go national with their motogo™ system to support mid- to large-sized organizations who need an easy way to order printed business products (like business cards, brochures, etc). The website needed to help educate and encourage people to call and connect.

Blue Zoo Creative pulled together a team to create a visually captivating site that guides people to learn more about moxy ox as well as showcase their and their client’s work. The most fun part was to make sure we captured the fact that moxy ox isn’t any ordinary print shop. From the modern stained concrete floors, custom wood and steel furniture, and odor-free and clean production room, their offices look more like a creative agency and their team works to partner with their clients instead of just pushing paper.

Additionally, we made sure that graphic designers, agencies, and small businesses could easily upload their files for new jobs and get the same high-quality printing as they’ve gotten for years.

Check out their new website and look for the motogo logo (below) on their site to learn how they can help streamline your print ordering needs.

Moxy Ox's motogo™ icon