Integrating the right plugins can supercharge your social media and online success.

social media plugins

Ride the Social Train!

Plugins can increase your content engagement, brand awareness, social sharing and website ranking in Google search. Are you ready to jump on the social train and convert more of your visitors into leads? As the Quad City DJ’s song says, “Come on, ride the train, hey, ride it, woo woo!”

But wait!

Before we embark on this social train, I encourage you to have a social media destination. Plugins can help you achieve your social media goals, but only if you know where you’re going. Then you can pick the best plugins for your objectives.

Social Plugins To Consider for:

1. Sharing Your Content

The Facebook Like Button, Tweet button, Pinterest’s Pin button, etc. allows content to spread easily across social media channels. With one click visitors can share your content to their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. In addition, these plugins have the potential to increase your website’s search results on Google. One way Google recognizes the value of a website is by the amount of content shared across the web, this includes social media channels. Check out Digg Digg  for a great social sharing plugin. Trying to receive more likes? Try a Facebook Like Box.

2. Building An Audience

Just one additional like or follower on a social media channel has a set dollar amount for a business. Learn more about how Facebook Fans Can Lead To Great Things. Certain social plugins allow online visitors to become fans of your social page without leaving your website! Start a social empire with these great plugins for Twitter and Facebook.

3. Communicating your message

Keep visitors engaged socially without making them open another tab by installing a Comment box or an Activity Feed into the sidebar. This can lead to deeper conversations and make your brand appear more personable. I recommend Disqus for a high quality commenting plugin.

Plugins can have a positive impact on your business and are one of the reasons that we ride WordPress when building our websites. WordPress currently has about 24,000 plugins for you to consider! To learn more, read this post on how to Plugin with WordPress.

Our train is arriving at its first stop, and it’s time for me to disembark on this journey. Continue on your ride to social media success by implementing some or all of these plugins into your social media scheme. Good luck “WOO WOO!”

Quit Monkeying Around! Ride the Train to Success With the Zoo.