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WordPress makes excelling online easier with multimedia.

Multimedia is what brings your content and website to life.

Yes, quality content is still key to your long term online success, but multimedia helps you grab the attention and engage your audience. 

Back in the dark ages of the web, which are just ending, browsers had no native ability to play audio or run video or animation. Plugins were used instead to run multimedia. The most famous media plugin is Adobe Flash, which ruled the interactive web for many years. It was inefficient and resource hungry, but it worked and made the web a much more vibrant place.

In the last few years, we’ve begun to emerge from those dark times into the loving arms of HTML5. That’s the new HTML specification that has added a tremendous amount of functionality to our browsers and rendered Flash virtually obsolete. Today we’ll look at the advances of audio and video on the web.

Great news! Starting with WordPress 3.6, HTML5 video and audio are supported right out of the box.

Your browser can now play videos and audio files natively without a plugin. This is true as long as you are using a modern browser like IE 9+, Firefox 3.5+, Chrome 3.0+, Safari or Opera 10.5+. Fortunately, that covers most of us.

WordPress also includes a fallback to Flash or Silverlight for those folks using older browsers. That means no tech support or programming are necessary for multimedia! No matter what browser your visitors use, they can easily access your multimedia.

These are some of the many reasons that we like and use WordPress to build our websites. They keep adding new features that make it easier for brands, users and developers to build an online presence.

This fun video highlights the new features, including native support for multimedia, autosave, post locking and better integration with audio.

Even better news, WordPress 3.7 has just come out with some great features that we’ll be writing about soon.

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