How to Rock Your Brand

How to Rock Your Brand

Branding in the digital age is more important than ever.

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Creating a successful business is similar to creating a popular band.

You must have a great sound (product), promotion, and performance (results and benefits).

Mix in skill, lots of practice and enthusiasm to boost your chances. Social media and the web have changed the game. Things move quicker now: your audience can make or break you and small bands (and brands) can be successful by giving their audience what they want.

You need to get feedback and respond to your audience. Revisit your branding routinely to ensure that you stay on track with your company purpose, target audience, products and core messaging.

We at Blue Zoo Creative ask our clients to fill out a list of questions (get started) that guide us in addressing your core business values, needs and goals.

In this way, we design and match the best tools for your specific business needs and goals. To help you succeed, we must first know where you are headed. Success often starts with a clear vision.

Here are some guidelines for how to rock your brand:

  1. Get clear on your company mission, passions, strengths and specific target niche.
  2. Create content that speaks to your purpose, passion, and niche. Find and allow your our unique voice to come through.
  3. The more specific the niche and target clients the better. For example, many coaches are talking about helping people be happy. What niche can you best serve? Maybe happiness isn’t your best target. Maybe it’s thriving, peace, contentment or living on purpose. By defining your target specifically, both you and your customers benefit. You will attract the clients who will most benefit from your type of coaching. And customers find the coach who most aligns with their goals and values.
  4. Write all your copy as if addressing that one specific client or niche. How do they benefit, what’s in it for them, etc? According to Tara Gentile,”the question is ‘will you put yourself in your customers’ shoes’? Customers want to be understood. And they want solutions and services that speak to them where they’re at now and get them where they want to go.”
  5.  What problems does your product or service address for the client?  Back to coaching; do you help them overcome depression, lose weight or get unstuck in life?
  6. What specific features and benefits will your client receive? Your health coaching clients might receive a new vision for their life, lose weight, gain confidence or optimize their health.
  7.  What makes you unique and why should they work with you?  Why are you unique in the mass of coaches? Maybe it’s the unique training that you’ve had or the challenges you overcame that help you empathize and empower your clients.
  8. Create a consistent marketing message to promote across the various channels and medias. Use your website, SEO, social media and digital advertising, all to reach the maximum audience.
  9. Track and measure your results. Are your messages translating into more web traffic, larger fan base and increased sales? If not, then you might want to get feedback in the form of surveys, social media polling, and asking customers what they want.
  10. Rinse and repeat the process periodically to keep on top of your market and business.

Ideally, your passions and skills will intersect with important needs of your target audience. Then you will have a sweet spot to in which to market, serve and grow.

Rock on!