Organization and presentation are very important to your online success.Kim Hodous book cover

Long gone are the days of going into a store to shop for what you want. With so much technology at our fingertips, we can shop from home (work or mobile) for the best deals and products that catch our eye. Just the other day my husband was telling me about a razor company with an “amazing” marketing campaign. Their advertisement won him over and within minutes, he got online and ordered their goods. He may have even subscribed for the entire year. He was that attracted. This is the power of marketing.

What if that company did not have an online store?

They would have lost the sale because his enthusiasm would have faded. He would have had to get in the car, drive to the store, purchase the razors and then drive home. This is way too much work and that is why the marketing campaign won him over. Online stores allow impulse buying at their finest and deliver it to your house. Thanks to technology a company can make millions of dollars with a simple ad and an online store. E-commerce has broken the 1 Trillion dollar mark and climbing fast.

Sure, you could dump something on to your site, tie it to pay pal and Facebook people about it. But chances are the only attention you are going to grab is from your mom and closest friends.

Here are a few tips on how to organize your store to catch your customer’s attention and move them to buy.


Make sure your products are represented well with photography that is appealing. Adding photographs to your E-commerce should be considered as important as painting a work of art. You want them to catch attention, show your products in the best way and invite people to explore more. Read this post for more information on finding the right images for your website.


Organize your product so they are easy to find. Utilize search features and keywords. Use categories that are meaningful to the online shopper. Utilize subcategories and make sure that the sequence they follow is logical and allows the shopper a way back to the previous page. If your site is hard to navigate you have lost the sale. The consumer has an abundance of options online. If they feel lost on your site, it is easier to go look elsewhere. Make sure your website and online store are user friendly, easy to navigate, and each page is balanced, and relevant.


Mobile shopping is exploding,  so ensure that your site has mobile capabilities. Make sure that your site is optimized and functional for smartphones, tablets and PCs. A good web designer, like Morgan, can help with this new field of responsive design. It’s already very important and will become critical to the success of your online presence. Rather than sell with manipulation or fear, we use the new school method of attraction marketing. This means you make yourself so appealing that the easiest and best choice is to buy!

Now you have the recipe for online success.

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