Starting a new blog can seem difficult or even overwhelming. increasing traffic, blogs

Most of us are busy with other things in our business and personal life. I know it’s been a challenge for me to balance my writing for Blue Zoo, myself and clients!

But remember that blogging is a great way to increase your visibility to people looking for your products and services. Adding valuable, relevant and actionable content to your website consistently will help not only attract an audience, but also those hungry spiders that affect your search ranking. For more on search and SEO, read our blog called Where Does My Traffic Come From?

Here are 8 Tips for Increasing Traffic on New Blogs:

  • Write relevant, helpful and actionable content. To make the most impact, this needs to be done regularly, ideally every week. It’s very important to make the content useful and relevant to your target audience.
  • Learn to be a better writer. This takes time and practice. You want to tell stories that are personal, helpful and engaging.
  • Use great pictures, infographics and illustrations. Most people are very visual. Good images attract a person to read more and/ or engage with the post.
  • Learn to use your blogging platform. Most platforms, like WordPress, offer tutorials and support. Even a well written post is enhanced with good formatting, headlines, tags, etc.
  • Put your best content on social bookmarking sites like,,, or
  • Share your blog posts on various social media networks. You want to encourage people to share your content and links.
  • Write articles related to your industry and submit them to sites such as
  • Submit your site to online directories relevant to your industry and niche.

OK, now that I’ve overwhelmed you, just go write something. Take one small step at a time. Build on your progress. You’ll get better with time and practice. Find out how Blue Zoo can help you plan, create or edit your content.

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